The COVID-19 pandemic so far has fundamentally altered our relationship with Hamilton and its spaces. Most businesses are closed, many public spaces are restricted to a degree, most people now spend the majority of their time at home, and everybody must keep their distance when they venture out for essential needs. In addition to the devastating loss of life, income and social connectedness, social distancing has also revealed and created serious issues of urban equity as it relates to space. People’s ability to stay safe and comfortable during this pandemic has had much to do with their housing, their neighbourhood, their work and how they get around (as well as other intersecting socio-economic factors).

We are pleased to present our Collaborative Idea Paper, which summarizes ideas produced in three collaborative virtual sessions in April and May, in which we asked ourselves what design, planning and development solutions are required immediately, in future waves of COVID-19 and social distancing, and to mitigate the effects of future pandemics. We focused on four interrelated aspects of urban life that have been disrupted by the pandemic:
• Parks and open spaces
• Mobility
• Local business
• Housing and density

We present these ideas as a catalyst for that process and to signal our commitment to taking part.

Contact us to receive a copy of the Idea Paper (PDF).

Many thanks to all of the participants:

Abbie Little, McMaster University
Andrew Sullivan, Urban Strategies
Christina Karney, McCallum Sather
David Burns, Urban Strategies
David Premi, DPAI
Elise Desjardins, McMaster University
Eric Turcotte, Urban Strategies
Jason Cassis, Equal Parts
Jennifer Badley, T Johns Consulting
Josh Neubauer, Urban Strategies
Karol Murillo, City of Hamilton
Kasia Lewandowski, Hamilton Hive
Kate Whalen, McMaster University
Katelyn Gillis, T Johns Consulting
Phillip Caldwell, City of Hamilton
Sashaina Singh, McMaster University
Sirous Ghanbarzadeh, Urban Strategies
Mary Castel, Urban Strategies
Mary Lou Tanner, Niagara Planning Group
Melanie Hare, Urban Strategies
Michelle Rowland, Urban Strategies
Rachel Johnson, City of Hamilton
Stuart Dow, Urban Strategies
Témo Cruz, Ellis Don
Violetta Nikolskaya, YWCA Hamilton
Yasmin Afshar, Urban Strategies